Portable Sample System suitable for the SDHmini range of dew point meters.

The SDHmini Portable Sample System (SDH-PSS) is a self-contained portable sample system. Easy to setup, easy to install and easy to use. Carefully designed to ensure that the sample pressure and flow are suitable for quick and accurate dewpoint measurement.

The SDH-PSS has the capability to condition pressurised gas samples up to a maximum of 200barg (2,900PSI). The sample flow is adjustable between 0 – 10 litres per minute. The removable housing allows easy access for filter cartridge replacement.

All the sampling elements are mounted on a 304 stainless steel manufactured chassis. The pipework and fittings are manufactured from 316 stainless steel.

A choice of inlet fittings and an integrated flow indicator come as standard. The SDHmini Portable Sample System is fully configurable for your specific dewpoint measurement needs. Options are available for a filter unit, pressure regulator and stainless steel braided hose with Swagelok quick connect fittings.

The SDH-PSS is the ideal dewpoint measurement instrumentation for spot checking and sampling moisture content in gases and dry compressed air. Suitable for hazardous areas as there are no stored energy components on this sample system, making it extremely suitable for both Ex and non-Ex applications.

Seated in an anti-static PVC foam faux leather carrying bag with adjustable shoulder strap and internal pockets. The simple docking arrangement is effortless and fully compatible with the newest additions to the Shaw Moisture Meters range of portable dewpoint meters – Models SDHmini, SDHmini-L and SDHmini-Ex.

A fully configurable, portable sample system with effortless instrument docking and carrying case, make this an all in one dewpoint measurement and sampling system.

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