Laboratory Calibration

Maintain accuracy and reliability with regular calibration of your dewpoint meter

All new dewpoint meters, hygrometers and moisture analyzers manufactured by SHAW are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration as standard. The calibration accuracy of your dewpoint meter is verified against our primary reference hygrometers, which are directly traceable to Humidity Standards at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

All new dewpoint instruments are delivered with a Certificate of Calibration but this alone does not guarantee that they will provide good measurement throughout their operating life.

Shaw Moisture Meters calibration laboratory head office

Incorrect operation, exposure to contaminants and corrosive gases, dewpoint sensor deterioration (ageing) and drift in electronics can all contribute to changes in the instrument accuracy over a period of time. It is therefore vital that a dewpoint meter, hygrometer and inline moisture analyser, is recalibrated at regular intervals in order to ensure that the process to which it is applied is measured and controlled correctly.

Shaw Moisture Meters Calibration Service for Dewpoint Meters

At Shaw Moisture Meters we offer full dewpoint calibration services in our environmentally controlled laboratory to ensure the constant accuracy of our dewpoint measurement equipment. This encompasses an overall calibration range of -110 °C to +20 °C (-166 °F to +68 °F) with the range -90 °C to 0 °C (-130 °F to +32 °F) dewpoint traceable to the Humidity Standard at the National Physical Laboratory via our absolute chilled mirror hygrometers.

Turnaround for dewpoint meter calibrations is typically five to seven working days. A detailed report, fully explaining the options and costs for any repairs, will be emailed to you . Please use the Equipment Return Form to enable us to deal with your dewpoint calibration or repair as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reduce your system downtime and save on shipping costs by taking advantage of our onsite dewpoint meter calibration service. Available to all our UK customers.

Help us deal with your dewpoint meter repair as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fill in the contact form and request a call back regarding our servicing, calibration and installation services for your dewpoint meter.

Fill in the Equipment Return Form for repairs and/or calibration of your Shaw Moisture Meters dewpoint meters, hygrometers and trace moisture analysers.

Maintain accuracy and reliability of your dewpoint meter equipment with the SHAW Dewpoint Sensor, available with a dewpoint range covering -100 °C to +20 °C  (-148 °F to +68 °F) dewpoint.