The Ideal Bluetooth Printer for Your Dewpoint Meter

A lightweight, portable Bluetooth printer, the SDH-BTP is suitable for use with the SHAW hand held portable dewpoint meters, the SDHmini-Ex and SDHmini-L.

The SDH-BTP has Bluetooth connection and printing capabilities, making it an ideal printer for your SHAW portable hygrometer. The Bluetooth facility retains its connection for up to 20 metres from your dewpoint meter.

Easy and simple to use with a drop-in clam shell paper loading method, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is fully charged via the RS-232 port in just two hours and has a standby time of over 15 days.

Other features include a low power alarm and auto sleeping. If the battery charge is low during printing, the power indication will turn red to indicate there is still data to be printed. If there isn’t any data left to print, after two seconds the printer will move into a low power sleep mode, awakening when data is sent to it or the FEED button pressed.

Replacement parts and spares available, please refer to the SDH-BTP Instruction Manual.

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Written and issued by Shaw Moisture Meters