Service and Calibration of Your Dewpoint Meters

Great products demand great service. With SHAW you can rely on both.

When you buy from Shaw Moisture Meters, the service you receive doesn’t stop when your product is delivered.

All of our dewpoint meters, hygrometers and trace moisture analyzers are serviced, calibrated and supplied with a Calibration Certificate as standard. We offer a full calibration service and dewpoint meter service for most makes, encompassing an overall range of -110 °C to +20 °C (-166 °F to +68 °F) dewpoint.

Our engineers also carry out routine servicing, commissioning, fault finding, repairs and installation services in accordance with our accredited quality system.

Choose from our laboratory and onsite dewpoint calibration services for your dewpoint equipment.

Important information

The correct operation of a hygrometer and indeed any measuring instrument, can only be verified by periodic calibration against a dependable reference system. New instruments are delivered with a calibration certificate but this alone does not guarantee that they will provide good measurement throughout their operating life.

Incorrect operation, exposure to contaminants and corrosive gases, dewpoint sensor deterioration (ageing) and drift in electronics can all contribute to changes in the instrument accuracy over a period of time. It is therefore vital that dewpoint meters, hygrometers and inline moisture analyzers are recalibrated at regular intervals in order to ensure that the process to which it is applied is measured and controlled correctly.

Specialised calibration services for dewpoint meters

We offer a full dewpoint calibration service in our environmentally controlled laboratory with dewpoint traceable to standards at the National Physical Laboratory.

Reduce your system downtime and save on shipping costs by taking advantage of our onsite dewpoint meter calibration service. Available to all our UK customers.

Calculate your dew point with the SHAW Dew Point Calculator. Equivalent measurements of dewpoint are displayed in °C, °F ppm(v), ppm(w), g/m³ and lb/MMSCF.

Shaw Moisture Meters’ automatic dew point calibration (AutoCal) feature and desiccant dry-down technology ensure your dew point meter is always ready to carry out rapid spot checks.