Automatic Calibration of Shaw Dewpoint Meter

By July 12, 2017Uncategorised

The most important and unique feature of the SHAW system is the automatic calibration facility. Each SHAW sensor is precisely manufactured to saturate with water vapour at its design maximum. Hence, when the sensor is exposed to moisture above its maximum operating range, it will rapidly come into equilibrium and cease to respond to any further increase in moisture. This forms the basis of automatic calibration (AutoCal).

The SHAW sensor can be checked by simply exposing it to any atmosphere which is wetter than the operating range of the sensor (usually room air is sufficient) by raising the desiccant chamber and performing the AutoCal feature on the instrument. The sensor is now set up with the instrument and ready for use.

Automatic calibration can be carried out in-situ and without the need for any special equipment or skilled personnel. The net result is reduced downtime, minimal calibration costs and immediate verification of the system.