Model SSNGH Natural Gas Sample System

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Sample system suitable for clean, sweet Natural Gas

Product details

The Model SSNGH sample system is suitable for clean, sweet, Natural Gas and is just one of a range of sample systems for Natural Gas applications.

Other systems offering fast loop bypass, high pressure sample return and the ability to cope with dirty or condensate laden samples are also available. These systems are tailored to specific customer requirements.

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Key features of SSNGH

  • Suitable for clean, sweet Natural Gas
  • Inlet pressure up to 240 barg
  • Sensor operates at inlet or line pressure
  • Process and auxilliary inlet with manual selector valves
  • Sample inlet and outlet pressure indication
  • Sample flow control and indication
  • Electrically heated pressure regulator for control of sample
  • System certified for use in hazardous areas
SHAW SSNGH sample system,Natural Gas applications

Custom solutions

Standard systems are available for common applications but we also provide custom solutions to exactly suit your application.

Shaw SSNGH natural gas sample,clean sweet Natural Gas

Pressure indication

Sensor operates at inlet or line pressure, inlet pressure up to 240 barg.

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