SADP Portable Hygrometer

Portable hygrometer for rapid moisture checks or continuous use on flowing gas or air

Product details

Ready for spot checks or continuous use. This portable hygrometer displays dew point temperature and water vapour to less than one part per million on an easy-to-read, large, meter dial. The calibration is accurate for different gases because the reading is specific to water vapour. We designed the SADP to operate at atmospheric pressure, guaranteeing accuracy to better than one part per million of trace moisture in very dry air or gas.

The combination of the desiccant head assembly, dew point sensor and AutoCal function is key to the SADP. These three features are vital. Working together to ensure a rapid response time from dry to wet. Shaw Moisture Meters ultra high capacitance aluminium oxide sensor provides improved performance alongside reliability and exceptional quality.

The SADP portable hygrometer is always available for rapid spot checks of trace moisture in compressed air and gases. This is because the desiccant head assembly ensures a quick response from the sensor. Note the uncomplicated design of the SADP. The absence of confusing dials and switches for calibrating, cooling and servicing, as required by some other methods.

The AutoCal function allows span verification and adjustment on site without the need for additional equipment. Thereby ensuring accuracy between laboratory calibrations for users. We precisely manufacture our sensor to saturate with water vapour at its design maximum. Exposing the sensor to moisture above its maximum operating range rapidly brings it into equilibrium. It then ceases response to any further increase in moisture. This forms the basis of AutoCal. The benefits of AutoCal include: reduced downtime, minimised calibration costs and immediate verification of the system. It is acceptable to perform AutoCal every two to three months but do not replace your annual laboratory calibration against a known reference standard, with AutoCal.

Taking a spot check reading with the SADP portable hygrometer is a quick and simple process using minimum air/gas.  This portable dew point meter is fully self-contained. Certified intrinsically safe to ATEX and IECEx standards, with CE and UKCA approvals, for use in hazardous environments. It is accurate, reliable and suitable for a wide range of industries including power generation, semi-conductor manufacture and pharmaceuticals. A popular choice of dewpoint meter for the spot check measurement of trace moisture.

Key features of the SADP portable hygrometer

  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Guaranteed accuracy: ±3 °C to ±4 °C (±5.4 °F to ±7.2 °F) dewpoint
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Intrinsically safe to ATEX: Ex II I G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga and IECEx: Ex ia IIC T6 Ga, with CE and UKCA approval, for use in hazardous areas.
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Various ranges: overall range -100 °C to +20 °C (-148 °F to +68 °F) dewpoint
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Extended range available for 0-10 ppm (TR version only)
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Analogue display, indication in °C, °F and ppm(V), LCD display indication in °C and °F
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Desiccant dry-down chamber assembly for instantaneous readings
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Standard “C” type battery operation
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Self-contained, robust and reliable
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Fully portable
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Simple to operate
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Over 150 hours continuous operation
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    AutoCal (automatic calibration) function
  • Shaw brand accurate held hygrometer
    Supplied with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to National and International Humidity Standards at NPL.

Desiccant dry-down technology

Keeping the dewpoint sensor dry between tests ensures that the dewpoint meter is always ready to carry out rapid spot check measurements… (read more)

SHAW SADP hand held portable dew point meter, intrinsically safe hygrometer, calibration of dew point meter, Model SADP/SADP-D, taking a spot check reading

Automatic calibration

The most important and unique feature of the SHAW system is the automatic calibration facility… (read more)

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