Taking a spot check reading

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Model SADP and SU3

Video Tutorial

Model SADP

The SHAW SADP portable dewpoint meter is designed for spot check readings of trace moisture in gases and compressed air and suitable for use within industrial applications.

Results can be obtained in just a few minutes when taking a spot check reading. The unique measuring head of the dewpoint meter is designed to keep the sensor dry when the instrument is not in use. This makes taking a spot check reading a simple and speedy process with minimum air or gas usage.

Model SU3 Sample System

The SU3 sample system comprises of a filter unit, pressure regulator (200 bar) and flow meter mounted on a sample plate. This can be attached to the side of the SADP dewpoint meter. Designed for gas or general compressed air sampling, the SU3 is a popular choice when a simple dewpoint sampling solution is required.

This video demonstrates taking a spot check reading using a SHAW SADP portable dewpoint meter and SU3 sample system. Learn how to ensure your SHAW SADP dewpoint meter is always available for rapid spot checks of trace moisture in gases and compressed air.

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