Technical Information

The unique SHAW automatic calibration feature and effective desiccant dry-down technology give accurate trace moisture measurement of gases and compressed air. Built with meticulous attention to detail and of the highest quality, Shaw Moisture Meters dewpoint instruments are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The most important and unique feature of the SHAW system for trace moisture measurement is the automatic calibration facility. Each SHAW dewpoint sensor is precisely manufactured to saturate with water vapour at its design maximum. Hence, when the dewpoint sensor is exposed to moisture… (read more)

Keeping the dewpoint sensor dry between tests ensures that the instrument is always ready to carry out rapid spot checks for trace moisture measurement. The unique design of the desiccant head achieves this by surrounding the dewpoint sensor with desiccant before the head is lifted for sampling… (read more)

Calculate your dewpoint with the SHAW online Dewpoint Calculator. Calculations of gases and equivalent measurements of dewpoint are displayed in °C, °F ppm(v), ppm(w), g/m³ and lbs/MMSCF.