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online hygrometer, SHAW AcuVu hygrometer, AcuDew dewpoint transmitter
December 23, 2021

Model AcuVu

Single Channel Inline Hygrometer For trace moisture measurement of process gases and dry compressed air The SHAW AcuVu provides real time measurement of process conditions when paired with the AcuDew…
SHAW AcuLoop plug in LED display, used with AcuDew dewpoint transmitter, part of the SHAW Acu range
September 23, 2021

SHAW AcuLoop

Easy to Use, Plug In Display Module For trace moisture measurement of process gases and dry compressed air SHAW AcuLoop, 4-20 mA, loop powered, plug in display module for use…
Dewpoint transmitter, SHAW AcuDew for trace moisture measurement, compatible with dewpoint hygrometers, suitable for industrial applications, shaw acu range
September 15, 2021

Model AcuDew

New High Performance Dewpoint Transmitter For trace moisture measurement of process gases and dry compressed air SHAW AcuDew, a robust, reliable dewpoint transmitter built of stainless steel construction with a…
September 8, 2021

The New Range

For trace moisture measurement of process gases and dry compressed air The new range of high performance dewpoint instruments is designed and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.…
Shaw SADP portable dewpoint meter, automatic calibration, gases and compressed air, taking a spot check reading
October 31, 2019

Taking a spot check reading

Model SADP and SU3 Video Tutorial Model SADP The SHAW SADP portable dewpoint meter is designed for spot check readings of trace moisture for industrial applications. Results can be obtained…
Intrinsically safe SHAW SDHmini-Ex hand held dewpoint meter
October 31, 2019

Hand Held Dewpoint Meter

Model SDHmini-Ex Portable, intrinsically safe dewpoint meter for industrial applications and hazardous areas Intrinsically safe dewpoint meter - Model SDHmini-Ex An innovative, fully self-contained, hand held hygrometer. Designed for quick…
SHAW SADP portable dewpoint meter in carry case,hazardous areas, Model SADP/SADP-D
September 29, 2019

Model SADP

Model SADP and SADP-D portable dew point meters, designed for spot check measurements and continuous use. Standard Operation of the Model SADP/SADP-D Model SADP, available as analogue or digital (SADP-D)…
SHAW Sample Systems SU2 sample plate with flow pressure regulation use with portable dewpoint meters, dew point sampling systems range
June 14, 2019

Dew Point Sampling Systems

Dew Point Sampling Systems For gas or general compressed air sampling. Dew point sampling systems extract and analyse a representative sample of the process air or gas. Shaw Moisture Meters…
dewpoint sensor Shaw moisture sensor, SHAW dewpoint sensor, moisture measurement, dew-point
May 29, 2019

SHAW Dew Point Sensor

SHAW dew point sensor for trace moisture measurement The SHAW dewpoint sensor was invented in the late 1940s and has undergone continuous development ever since. Its unique automated manufacturing process…