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SHAW SADP hand held portable dew point meter, intrinsically safe hygrometer, calibration of dew point meter, Model SADP/SADP-D, taking a spot check reading
May 21, 2019

Calibration of Dew Point Meter

Tutorial 1 Calibration of Dew Point Meter - Model SADP Shaw Moisture Meters service and calibrate their dew point meters, hygrometers and inline moisture analysers as standard. Each instrument is…
Shaw Moisture Meters head office manufacture dewpoint measurement products
June 29, 2018

Dew Point Measurement Products

Shaw Moisture Meters, one of the recognised leaders of dew point measurement and hygrometer design, has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard is the internationally…
Intrinsically safe SHAW SDHmini-Ex hand held dewpoint meter
June 15, 2018


Intrinsically safe portable dewpoint meter The SDHmini-Ex - a compact, innovative, intrinsically safe portable dewpoint meter. Designed for quick and reliable spot check measurements of trace moisture in gases and dry…