Hygrometer and Dew Point Meter Accessories

Shaw Moisture Meters supply a wide product range of dew point meter accessories. Designed specifically to ensure that accurate and reliable dew point measurement is possible with the SHAW range of portable dew point meters, dew point hygrometers and moisture analysers. To prove both reliability and performance, we try and test all items over many years.

Sensor Holder

Model SEH: A sensor holder manufactured from solid stainless steel, housing the dew point sensor for online installations. The sensor holder holds a design pressure rating of 400 bar (6,000 psi) and available oxygen cleaned if required.

Pressure Calculator

Model PCALC: Pressure dew point calculator brings together many different measurement units. Enabling dew point calculations and conversions for moisture levels at different pressures.

Flow Meter

Model FLMET: Flow meter providing visual indication and fine control of sample flow. Calibrated for 1-10 litres per minute air at normal temperature and pressure.

Filter Unit

An effective filter unit for removal of particulate contamination from sample gases. Manufactured from glass fibre and epoxy resin. To extend its life, the filter unit cartridge is washable in most solvents.

Audible Alarm

Model AVA: Audible alarm unit. Rated IP65 and designed for use where no other alarm unit is available.

Pressure Regulator

Model PRV: Pressure regulator for accurate control of pressure at all important points in a dew point sample system. Two pressure regulators are available for maximum inlet pressures of 200 bar (3,000 psi) and 400 bar (6,000 psi).

Pressure Gauge

Model PG: Pressure gauge indicating local system pressure and used at various points within a dew point sample system. Two standard ranges available for pressure ranges 0-2 bar (0-30 psi) and 0-10 bar (0-160 psi). Other ranges available on request.

Zener Barrier Unit

Model ZBU: Zener barrier unit (shunt diode safety barrier) suitable for online applications in potentially hazardous areas or where there is a high risk of fire or explosion. We supply this product in a custom enclosure.

Weatherproof Housing Unit

A weatherproof housing unit rated IP65. GRP enclosure with Perspex window for wall or pedestal mounting of your dew point hygrometer and dew point sensor/dew point transmitter.

Compatible with SDHmini-Ex and SDHmini-L portable hygrometers. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a standby time of over 15 days and a 20 metre Bluetooth range.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services. All SHAW dew point meters, hygrometers, moisture analysers and dew point sensors are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration as standard.

Maintain the accuracy and reliability of your dew point meter. Have your moisture measurement equipment serviced and calibrated by the manufacturer. Contact us for more information.

Calculate your dew point with the SHAW Dew Point Calculator. Equivalent measurements of dew point displayed in °C, °F ppm(V), ppm(w), g/m³ and lb/MMSCF.