Portable Dewpoint Meters and Hygrometers

Dewpoint equipment, designed to fulfil the requirements of the industrial user.

All Shaw Moisture Meters portable dewpoint meters and hygrometers are fully self-contained. Combining robust construction and advanced electronics to ensure that they consistently provide accurate and repeatable results for the operator.

This user friendly range of portable dewpoint meters and hygrometers incorporates the unique desiccant dry-down chamber assembly and AutoCal function. The desiccant dry-down assembly enables the operator to obtain instantaneous readings in either field or laboratory situations. AutoCal is the unique function, designed by Shaw Moisture Meters, allowing the operator to maintain good working order of their dew point instrument between annual laboratory calibrations. AutoCal can be performed in-situ without the need for any special equipment or training. Reduce downtime, minimize calibration costs and obtain immediate verification of the system. Designed for continuous use or rapid spot checks, these battery powered dewpoint meters can be used continuously in excess of 150 hours.

Combining robust construction and high quality manufacture with full after sales support. This range of portable dew point meters is fully interchangeable with the range of SHAW dewpoint sensors and guaranteed to provide long and reliable service. All SHAW portable dewpoint meters and hygrometers are supplied, ready for use, with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to National & International Humidity Standards, two metres of sampling hose, a pressure calculator, a screwdriver and/or hex key (depending on the model) and detailed operating instructions.

Portable dew point meters and hand held hygrometers

Our premium hand held dewpoint meter, incorporating the AutoCal function and desiccant dry-down technology unique to SHAW dewpoint instruments. Certified intrinsically safe to ATEX, IECEx and UL standards for dewpoint measurement of compressed air and process gas in hazardous areas.

Portable dewpoint hygrometer with state of the art features. Integrating the desiccant dry-down technology, AutoCal functionality and real time data logging for quick and reliable spot check measurements of dewpoint and trace moisture content. Compatible with the range of SHAW dewpoint sensors.

The world renowned, compact, portable dewpoint meter from Shaw Moisture Meters. Accurate and reliable. Incorporating the unique SHAW automatic calibration feature and desiccant dry-down chamber assembly. Certified intrinsically safe to ATEX and IECEx standards and suitable for a wide range of industries.

Portable dewpoint meter with digital display and measuring range of -100 to +20 °C (-148 to +68 °F). Utilising the SHAW ultra high capacitance aluminium oxide sensor, desiccant dry-down chamber assembly and unique AutoCal function. Certified intrinsically safe to ATEX and IECEx standards. Fast, reliable measurement of trace moisture in hazardous environments.