Dew Point Measurement Instruments

Dew Point Meters, Hygrometers, Moisture Analyzers and Dew Point Meter Accessories

At Shaw Moisture Meters we believe choosing the correct dew point measurement instruments for your application is essential. Therefore, an important part of our service is to ensure you receive the right dew point device for your application, every time.

Our user-friendly range and clear product specifications will help you find the trace moisture measurement product that suits your exact requirements. The SHAW combination of high quality, robust construction and advanced electronics will provide reliable and effective measurement of trace moisture in dry compressed air and process gases.

Our commitment to you is to deliver the highest quality products and services which conform to recognised standards of quality and calibration. However, we also supply a generous warranty that guarantees the reliability and performance of your dew point measurement device.

Innovative, hand-held hygrometers

Portable and battery operated. Intrinsically safe to ATEX, IECEx and UL standards. Quick and reliable spot check measurements.

Inline moisture analyzers

For applications that require continuous inline analysis at a single sample point providing accurate dew point measurement.

Portable dew point meters

Provide fast, accurate and repeatable results. Battery operated, hand held hygrometers.

Sample systems

Solutions for correct sampling conditions during dewpoint measurement.

Dewpoint sensor

Ultra high capacitance, aluminium oxide dew point sensor. Requires little or no maintenance.

SHAW dew point accessories

Providing versatility for use in a wider range of applications. Available for use with SHAW dew point meters, hand held & portable hygrometers and trace moisture analyzers.

Dew point transmitters

A simple solution for accurate and reliable moisture measurement in gases and liquids when local indication is not required.

Specialised dew point meter calibration services

Full service and calibration in accordance with our accredited quality system.



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