Desiccant Dry-Down Technology

Shaw desiccant dry down technology

Desiccant Head Assembly

Designed and developed by Shaw Moisture Meters, the unique construction of the desiccant head chamber assembly allows the dewpoint sensor  to remain dry between tests. Thereby ensuring the hygrometer is always ready to carry out rapid spot checks. To achieve this, before lifting the head for sampling, desiccant surrounds the dewpoint sensor.

The head chamber isolates the desiccant and dewpoint sensor from atmospheric air. At no time is the sensor allowed to come into contact with ambient air. Designed to purge the void space and chamber wall surfaces of the head chamber assembly with sample gas prior to exposing the dewpoint sensor. Bringing all surfaces and voids in to equilibrium. This allows the operator to achieve a meaningful reading in less than ten minutes. Achieving faster, more accurate and reliable results.

If, due to contamination, you suspect moisture ingress in the head chamber, replace the seals in the head assembly. Restoring the seals by replacing the desiccant (and rubber grommet), will allow the sensor to remain dry, ensuring operation from dry to wet for increased speed of response. Before using your dewpoint meter, perform AutoCal to synchronise the sensor and instrument.