Model SADP

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SADP and SADP-D portable dew point meters, designed for spot check measurements and continuous use.

Standard Operation of the Model SADP/SADP-D

Model SADP, available as analogue or digital (SADP-D) dew point meter. Instrument is supplied with and operates with its own internal batteries and requires no external power source. This portable dew point meter is compatible with the full range of SHAW dew point sensors. All SHAW dew point sensors are certified intrinsically safe to ATEX and IECEx standards traceable to the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

When the instrument is not in use, the unique measuring head keeps the moisture sensor dry via the unique design of the SHAW desiccant dry down assembly. This makes spot checks a quicker process with minimum air or gas usage. A major advantage of the SHAW measurement system because no other instrument can be checked so easily and quickly.

Supplied with an anti-static carrying case, this portable dew point meter is fully operational from within the carrying case. In stock and available off the shelf with a 2 – 3 day delivery.


  • Guaranteed accuracy ±3 °C to ±4 °C ( ±5.4 °F to ±7.2 °F) dew point
  • Certified intrinsically safe to ATEX and IECEx standards
  • Analogue or digital model available
  • Desiccant dry-down chamber for instantaneous readings
  • AutoCal (automatic calibration) facility
  • Operates with batteries, requires no external power source
  • Over 150 hours continuous operation
  • Fully portable, self-contained and robust
  • Suitable sample systems available

Compatible Sample Systems

Also available are dew point sample systems specifically suitable for this model of portable dew point meter. Sample systems SU2 and SU3 are simple, effective conditioning panels that ensure the sample pressure and flow are suitable for dew point measurement.

Both SU2 and SU3 sample systems can be attached to the Model SADP/SADP-D, offering an easy to use, portable dew point measurement system for fast and reliable trace moisture measurement.

Customers in North America can now receive direct sales and service support from the Shaw Moisture Meters USA office.

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