Introducing our new range of hand held portable dewpoint meters

The SDHmini is available in three options: standard (SDHmini), logging (SDHmini-L) and intrinsically safe (SDHmini-Ex).

This hand held portable hygrometer is battery powered with state of the art features and enhancements with support of USB and Bluetooth interfaces for communicating with PC and printer. A fully self-contained unit combining high quality and robust construction incorporating the SHAW Moisture Sensor. Our unique AutoCal feature and desiccant dry-down technology allows for rapid, easy and reliable moisture content measurement of gases and compressed air.

The dewpoint meter comes with a user-friendly software interface incorporating multiple menus, hot key combinations, information displays and control functions. With capabilities of data logging capabilities, the inbuilt memory can store up to 300,000 readings and stored data files can be reviewed graphically on the unit and PC.

The LCD display offers three main viewing screens and the user can select the engineering units from the keypad. The instrument allows the display of both primary and secondary readings in °C, °F, ppm(v), ppm(w), g/m³ and lbs/MMscf.

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