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Shaw Moisture Meters service and calibrate their dew point meters, hygrometers and inline moisture analysers as standard. We supply, with each instrument, a Certificate of Calibration traceable to National and International Humidity Standards at the National Physical Laboratory.

The most important factor regarding measurement is accuracy and over time, dew point instruments can lose their accuracy. There are many reasons for these changes which could include incorrect operation, exposure to contaminants and corrosive gases, dew point sensor deterioration (ageing) and drift in electronics. Without calibration you cannot ensure that the equipment used for dew point measurement is accurate.

For continual correct measurement, regular service and calibration of dew point instruments is vital throughout their lifetime.

Automatic calibration of dew point meters, also known as AutoCal, allows users to ensure accuracy between laboratory calibrations by checking the span of the instrument and correcting for any deviation. This is a major advantage of the SHAW dew point instruments. Only SHAW dew point instruments include the AutoCal function for quick and easy calibration.

Tutorial – Calibration of Dew Point Meter

This tutorial demonstrates that you can carry out automatic calibration of dew point meters in situ without the need for any special equipment or skilled personnel.

We suggest performing AutoCal every two to three months but please remember, AutoCal should not replace a true calibration against a known standard.

If your dew point meter requires a true calibration, traceable to Humidity Standards at the National Physical Laboratory, please contact us on +44 (0)1274 733582 or enquiries@shawmeters.com.

If you have any questions regarding the automatic calibration of your dewpoint meter or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us on +44(0)1274 733582, enquiries@shawmeters.com or fill out the form on our Contact page.

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