SADP Specification Sheet

The SADP is a battery operated, portable dewpoint meter for spot checks or continuous use. Designed to operate at atmospheric pressure, the instrument provides direct indication in dewpoint temperature and parts per million on a 120 mm analogue scale. Utilising the SHAW AutoCal function and Desiccant Head Assembly, this portable dewpoint meter is ideal for taking spot check readings.

Analogue and digital models are available as well as a TR model. The TR version offers the 0-10 ppm(v) range expanded over the full scale which allows for accurate measurement below 10 ppm(v).

The SADP portable dewpoint meter is fully self-contained and certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas to ATEX and IECEx standards. Each dewpoint meter is supplied with the sensor and batteries installed, a Certificate of Calibration and comes complete in a handy, heavy duty carrying case designed to house the accessories.

A reliable and easy to use portable hygrometer.

For ideal operating conditions, two compatible sample systems are available. The SU2 and SU3 provide flow control and pressure regulation.

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